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I'm sure everyone already knows how to do a messy bun by now but I just wanted to share the way I create this bird  nest on my head. it's really hard to show it on pictures since my editing and photography skills are not that great at the moment. 

 1 : Have dirty hair and by "dirty hair" I mean two days old hair so don't go rolling in the mud.
 2 : Pull up your hair and hold it straight up

              3. twist your hair down to a few inches above the crown.
              4: wrap your hair around itself. this doesn't have to be neat at this point because it's a messy bun. 

         5 : Pin the bun in place with bobby pins. you want your bum to be lose but secure at the same time,               you can use many pins as you like depending on how thick your hair is, I need about a million.         

         6: Pull loose strands of hair from the nape you your neck and any little bits around your face to make it           look like you've worn the bun all day.
and your messy bun is done (that rhymed)         

                                                                              Love Mev. 
3 comments on "Messy Bun"
  1. This looks super easy and super cute. I've been looking for a cute bun to try because I can't make a cute bun to save my life. Gonna give this a try for sure. Thanks for the great step by step pics as well. Please stop by and visit my blog too at Thanks for letting me read!

  2. Love this, the bun looks beautiful on you! I have nominated you for the liebster award, here are the details: xoxo

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