Sleek True Colour Mulberry Lipstick.

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I just quickly wanted to share my new obsession with this gorgeous dark lipstick by Sleek, I don’t usually go for such daring colours, properly because I have such dark hair and eyebrows that I might look a bit creepy and scare all of my friends and family away, I'm more into pinks and nudes.

So I finally thought I’ll give this ago since I've notice that almost every girl is rocking a dark lip this season and boy do I love it!  

Sleek describes “mulberry” is a sheen deep blackberry that hits all the right notes when teamed with graphic look. 

A lip liner is a must with this lipstick since it’s very dark and it can easily be smudged, I used a lip brush to build it up, create shape on my lip and then lightly applied from the stick

               The colour is quite similar to the Mac Hang up deep-berry cremsheen.

The only problem is that it is not long lasting at all. After about an hour, the colour begins to separate and fade around the inner lip area, annoying. So you'll need to constantly touch up this lipstick.

                                                                      Love mev 

2 comments on "Sleek True Colour Mulberry Lipstick."
  1. This is one of my favourite shades from the sleek lipsticks! Not sure I can get away with it now that I have blonde hair but it looks gorgeous on you

    Katie xx


  2. It looks so nice on you! I never really go to sleek for anything other than blushers, so definitely going to have a look at lipsticks next time x
    han // emandhan xo


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