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Due to my very dry skin with plenty of dry patches, finding a perfect foundation is never an easy task, so I always try my best to avoid anything matte (except lipsticks). The only good thing about my skin is that my makeup can last all day without any setting powders or touch-ups.  My friend who also suffers from dry skin tried this new L'Oreal foundation and it looked amazing on her so I decided to try it out myself. 

Here's what L'oreal has to say about the Pro-Matte foundation: "Achieve a matte finish that won’t fall flat with this air-light, long wearing liquid formula. Lightweight and creamy, foundation goes on smooth with a demi-matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours—hiding imperfections for a smooth, clear complexion." 

It comes in a squeezy tube which is super lightweight and can easily fit in a makeup bag. It has a chart on the back that tells you its main characteristics.

Finding the right shade was quite difficult, it didn't seem to have options for those with yellow undertones. so I picked up the shade 20 "sand" which is just a tad too light and pink for me as I needed quite a bit of bronzer to make it right.

I applied two layers of this foundation because I love a full coverage base, I did notice that it was a little hard to blend in, I think it would work well if you apply it with a damp beauty blender.  

The foundation has a cream consistency that’s not thin but also not thick. It definitely sets to a matte finish on the skin, I would't say its a high coverage as they described, it's more of a light to medium and  yes, it does last long (8 hours) but I don't think I will ever wear a foundation for 24 hours, not very good for the skin!

 it can cling to dry patches, this is my biggest worry with base products especially setting powders (nightmare). but once I had finished with the rest of my makeup, it didn't actually look too bad. 

Overall I'm not a huge fan of this foundation but if you're someone very oily skin then you should defiantly give this a try. 

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Love Mev.  

15 comments on "L’Oreal Infallible 24 HR Matte Foundation | review "
  1. I've been umming and ahhing about purchasing this product! I have dry skin too so this was very helpful!

    Courtney x


    1. no problem! Maybe a good primer would help :) x

  2. I have oily skin so it sounds like this foundation would work well for me!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. I need to pick this up- it looks amazing! photos look great too!
    Caroline x

  4. Thanks for the review !


    1. You're so welcome! thank you for reading :) x

  5. Sometimes I get dry patches, sometimes I have oily patches so I think this sounds like it would work for both without having to keep two foundations in my make-up bad at all times. It's a shame about there not being any yellow undertoned options for you!
    Elephant stories and more

  6. I really wanted to like this but the colour match was so bad on me! Like you I definitely have yellow undertones, though I picked up 300, might get this shade instead in the Boots 3 for 2 xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  7. When this first came out, I was reading many positive reviews, but more recently they have been quite mixed! Anyways, I don't think I'd like it because I have dry skin.

  8. I might try this! I've heard a lot about it but never looked into it! I have very oily skin so this would be great! x


  9. I just bought this foundation today without reading any reviews, just bought it as it say "matt". I hope it will be a good one. I have yellow undertone too.

    Jo | Say Cheesy Cake
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