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Hi Lovelies! Today I'm sharing some of my recent favourite products. 

Solait Maxi Bronzer

I found this bronzer in the tan section at Superdrug while shopping for my essentials, I believe  it's one of their own brands, I've never really tried anything from this brand before so I didn't  know what to expect.

So far I LOVE it, it's super light and gives that nice natural looking glow especially in the sunlight. I like to use it on my cheekbones, forehead and across the jawline. 

would defiantly recommend this if anyone's looking for a good quality bronzer at low price. 

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & top Coat

I have been looking for a good base and top coat for some quite time now so I picked this Double Duty by Sally Hansen and it's just amazing.

The base coat glides on so easily and dries up fast and for the top coat, it gives that smooth glossy look and doesn't chip for up to a week.

Daisy And Delilah Earrings 

These cute Marble effect earrings I found at Superdrug. I'm not usually a big fan of earring or any other jewellery to be perfectly honest, but I just couldn't resist getting theses pretty little things.  

Rose For Autograph 

I've already made a separate post about this perfume Here but I've just been loving it so much that I had to include it in my  favourites. It has a beautiful floral sent and great for everyday wear.

Rimmel exaggerate lip liner

I brought this  gorgeous nude lip liner by Rimmel, I don't own that many nude lip liners and it's nearly spring so I desperately needed one! 

It's a gorgeous nude pink shade called "Eastend Snob".  its super creamy and easy to use.

I like to fill my whole lips with this to get that Kylie Jenner effect. As with all lip liners, this will dry out your lips slightly, especially if you wore it as a full lip colour on its own so I like to use bit of a lip balm before applying.

Love Mev 
14 comments on "My Recent Favourites"
  1. Replies
    1. It really is gorgeous, thank you <3 xxx

  2. Love your photos! The perfume bottle is so pretty too :)

    Kirsty |

  3. Them earrings are gorgeous! <3

    1. they really are! Thank you for commenting (:

  4. Those marble effect earrings look so cute! I like the fact that they are in some sort of pastel hue.

    1. Thank you ! the colours really are wonderful x

  5. Love the shade of the lipliner! Sally Hansen has saved my nails. They used to snap until I started using her products. Great post!

  6. The Rimmel lip liner looks excellent. Such a gorgeous color, the perfect nude.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. it really is gorgeous! thank you :)

  7. Those earrings are so cute! The lip liner looks so lovely think I may have to pick one up :)

  8. That top coat will definitely be bought next week- been looking for a good one for months. Those earrings look beautiful too- shame I don't have any piercings though, aha.
    Caroline x

  9. I'm interested in Double Duty by Sally Hansen and Rimmel lip liner!


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