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After seeing so many amazing pictures and reviews on Instagram I thought it was finally my turn to try this brand. I have never tried anything from Makeup Revolution before so I really didn't know what to expect. While browsing through Superdrug I picked up a few items that  caught my eye and that was a blush palette, a concealer palette,  eye-shadow palette and 3 lipsticks.

I must say I love the simplicity in the casing; glossy black with gold text looks perfect. and the big mirror is something I always admired about pallets. I couldn't tell if the products were actually under £7 until I looked at the price. *faints*

The first item I really liked was this ultra blush palette called "Golden Sugar" There were two different Ultra Blush and Contour Palettes to choose from, and each contains eight large pans of blush, The palette contains a mixture of matte and shimmery powders for blush, contouring and highlighting. which is amazing! All the shades are so pretty in this pallet,My favourite one has to be the last two, baked orange/bronze and darkest brown shade. I will definitely post some swatches soon on my instagram. 

Then I picked up this gorgeous eye shadow palette called "Run Boy Run" There are 18 different shades, 12 shimmer and 6 matte , the matte shades are much more creamier than the shimmer ones. I can definitely see myself using this palette all year around, the pigmentation is really goodThere is also a dual sponge applicator in, I prefer to use my own eye shadow brushes, I think everyone does aha! Overall I'm in love with this.

Now I was very excited to try this cover and conceal palette. I don't like this palette for concealer, It doesn't give enough coverage to hide those creepy dark circles of mine, however I love using this as a contour pallet! the shades are perfect for my skin tone, the formula is super creamy and not at all greasy. I'm still experimenting with all the shades but so far I loveees it! 

Lastly, these three gorgeous lipsticks. now these aren't the best lipsticks I've ever had but however the lipsticks are very pigmented. these were only for a £1 so I wasn't too surprised when they started to dry out my lips especially the matte shades. the formula is just too dry! leaves my lips looking cracked, even the lip balm didn't help this time.

Shade: Lady
Shade: Beloved
Shade: Divine

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19 comments on "Makeup Revolution | Haul"
  1. Agreed about the lipsticks! Love this post, I really want the blusher palette! :)

    1. Thank you and yes the blush palette is also my fave :) x

  2. Love that lipstick color! Great post, I have never heard of this makeup but it looks awesome! Xo

    1. Thank you! I just wish the formula was as good as the lipsticks look :) x

  3. It's a shame how drying the lipsticks are, but the palettes sound good, I want to give the Golden Sugar one a go!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. you should totally give it a try :) xx

  4. Those lipstick shades are incredible! I wouldn't care if they dried my lips out for £1! I can't wait to pop into superdrug and pick up a few, great review

    1. haha go for it, They also do the creamy ones which much be good :)

  5. I love Makeup Revolution, they have some amazing dupes. Everything I tried was amazing, but my favourite are the eye shadow palettes, their quality is insane.

  6. I've nominated your lovely blog for the Liebster Awards :) Information over on my blog, link below.

    Ciara-Rose |

  7. The colors look beautiful!

  8. I love your photos :) and the lipsticks you picked up are so pretty for Spring!
    I have the Golden Sugar palette and this post has reminded me how lovely it is - need to get it back out! xx

    Magpie Jasmine | Zoeva Brush Set Giveaway

  9. Amazing haul, love the look of the lipstick shades xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. all these products looks SO good! especially the blush and eye palettes..definitely heading to Superdrug the next time I am in town as I need to try the brand too, thanks for sharing this, it has just made my Make Up Revolution desire even greater haha <3

  11. make up revolution is the best really! looove all their stuff :D and these products look great! followed x3 xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  12. Hello from France !
    Great post :) I love makeup revolution product, especially the "iconic palette "
    Also, I just started to follow you on bloglovin ♥
    Linda ♥

  13. oh I really want everything :) great haul :)

  14. I definitely need to try the blush palettes, they sound amazing

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem


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