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Hi Lovelies! I don’t know if I mentioned this on any of my previous posts but I'm saving up for a new camera at the moment which means no splashing out money, but if I'm going to invest in a new camera, it has to be a good one!
All of this gave me a idea to make a list of products that I've really loved and are under £5. There are so many great products out there that are even better than the high end products.


This is my favourite skin care find; this cleansing water does a brilliant job of removing my makeup and any other dirt on my face without causing any dryness which usually happens a lot with my skin care products. This cleanser is also great to have when you need to freshen up your face, whether it's in the morning before you apply your makeup or when you just need a quick pick-me-up for brightening up the skin. If you have never tried a micellar cleansing water before, I really recommend trying this out. The bottle is 400ml which lasts me forever! £4.99


An absolute must have for greasy hair days or just washed hair that needs a bit of texture to make styling a little bit easier. They've brought out a new limited edition scent Eden with Sugar Melon and Honeysuckle and it has become my new favourite, seriously, it smells so good like spring and summer and just look at the packaging, LOOK AT IT! It’s the cutest, pink with butterflies and flower prints, perfect.


A great scent for spring/summer by m&s nature's extract collection. I firs saw this on MakeupSavvy and quickly brought one for myself and now it officially lives in my bag, it's just so fresh and lemony, didn't last as long as I thought it will do but I really don't mind spraying it again through out the day. £3.00


I've been loving nude pinky lip shades lately, It's just gives that beautiful natural look to me. This one is by essence in shade 13 love me, its a gorgeous soft pink shade, perfect for everyday wear, the lipstick it's self is super creamy and easy to apply! £2.50


No surprise here! I'm obsessed with theses drugstore gems, I choose Barry M nails over many expansive nail polishes, I still can't believe it's only £4.99. their are so many shades to choose from and I believe I nearly have all of them... definitely got a problem here.! The texture of these polishes is so smooth and easy to apply and can last up to a week on my nails without the topcoat, I can't say it'll be the same for everyone, we all have different nails. I highly HIGHLY recommend these nail polishes.


Pretty much every beauty blogger and youtuber raved about this concealer, I seriously can not live with out this baby! I don't to like to use this under my eyes because it creases but it's incredible for highlighting, that's why I have the lightest shade, I've been obsessed with contouring lately so this product is just perfect, it lasts up to 8 hours on me and its only £4.19.

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9 comments on "Under £5 Favourites"
  1. I've been using that concealer since I was really young...maybe 12?! I still love it! I love the look of that cleansing water, definitely adding that to my basket :) x


  2. I love the micellar water, it is so good to my skin and gets of all my makeup pretty well. All of your Barry M nail polishes are such gorgeous colours, I only own one but seeing all yours makes me want more!


  3. Love your photos so much! I saw a review of the light pink barry m nail polish the other day and I really want it! That lipstick is such a beautiful shade too what a bargain


  4. these photos are so awesome! I love the collection concealer and I keep seeing this micellar water every where, I need to try it!

    Pam Scalfi♥

  5. I love the micellar water and the collection concealer too. The Barry M nail polishes are amazing as well

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  6. Eden is my favourite Batiste scent :) (so sad it's limited edition!) the body spray sounds wonderful and of course the Garnier water is a budget classic! xx

    www.jasminetalksbeauty.com // https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/jasmine-talks-beauty-14097813

  7. i use the micellar water everyday and its definitely become a holy grail product for me

    http://lydashley.blogspot.co.uk x


  8. Everything looks so good and beautiful!

    Stay fabulous x
    Y // http://daristo-chic.blogspot.com/


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