Three Drugstore Beauty Blenders

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hello lovelies!

When I first heard about the beauty blender and how everyone was going crazy over it, it did not interest me at all, "it's just a sponge..." I thought. Usually normal sponge can absorb all the product of your face and I was expecting the Beauty Blender to do the same.

So, I finally gave one a try and it was amazing, it gives a lovely healthy look especially if you're using it damp which apparently is the proper way to use it but you can also use it dry, still works great. if you don't have a beauty blender then guurl, get yourself a beauty blender. The original one costs about £16 which isn't bad at all if you compare it to other high end brushes/sponges. I still wanted to experiment with even cheaper makes because there are a lot of drugstore beauty blenders out there, all shapes and sizes.

Here are the three sponges I purchased from drugstore which I'm going to review, Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, Lottie Blend and Snap Sponge and the B. Latex-free Blending Sponge.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
This is my favorite one out all three sponges, especially the fact that it's not a normal shaped blender, it has three distinct surfaces that give three different ways to apply foundation/concealer, the rounded sides are to blend large areas of the face (personally, I like to use to conceal under-eye), the precision tip is to cover blemishes and imperfections and finally the flat edge for contours around the eyes and nose which, honestly makes contouring so much easier. the bad news is, using this sponge dry does soak some of that foundation or concealer so I recommend using it damp.

Lottie London Blend and Snap Sponge

The smallest and the cutest one, it's described as Described as the perfect tool for creating a flawless finish, it can be used with primers, foundations and cream blushes, with it's tapered tip allowing you to reach even those awkward areas for a 'photo-ready finish'. even though all this sounds great but I found this sponge too firm, especially for under eye area where you have to be gentle, overall it does give you that great finish, I wouldn't say absolutely flawless but it's bad either, I wish it was more softer.

B. Latex-free Blending Sponge

This is by B Cosmetics, Superdrug's own brand, they described it as "the tear drop shape easily allows you to reach all the contours of your face with ease" and it also said you can use it with powdered products which didn't really work for me, not even when it was damped, the powder was just not easy to blend, however it did a brilliant job with the liquid and creamy products, gives a fresh and dewy look and it's also super soft.

What do you apply your base with?
Thanks for reading.

5 comments on "Three Drugstore Beauty Blenders"
  1. Before I bought the beauty blender I bought the Real Techniques sponge and I love the shape and couldn't ever believe how big it gets when damp! It's a great alternative to the beauty blender but doesn't last anywhere near as long as the beauty blender. I've ripped many a RT sponge to shreds while my BB is still in great shape. I do keep repurchasing the RT one, though, which says a lot! I'm definitely going to look into the other sponges you mentioned as they mimic the beauty blender's shape and it'll be good to compare those to it!

    Lovely post!

    1. thanks for leaving your thoughts, I haven't used the RT sponge for that long so I cant say how long it'll last hm :o

  2. I find RT to be the best (and even better than the actual beauty blender) :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Such a fan of sponges, still very on and off with them but this was a great post to read on giving each a go. However I was more fascinated by the brushes that were laying in the background. Where are they from!


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