Decorating Easter Eggs

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I'm not the one for arts and crafts but we still do little family activities here and there, decorating Ester eggs is a must in my house especially for my younger brother who's three and loves getting his hands messy and little sister who's eight and of course me! a perfect excuse to get my hands on that pretty looking glitter.

We spend ages looking for decorating ideas on Pinterest, even though there were so many beautiful creations on there but most of them seemed too difficult, so we finally found a few simple and easy peasy ideas that took no time to make and still looked lovely.    

Just like like last year, we used blown out eggs instead of boiled because this way we can keep the eggs for longer and not worry about them getting rotten. I also bought a few small foam eggs which thought would pretty cute.

As you can see, we got a little obsessed with glitter, it was too pretty to avoid so we covered these eggs in plenty of glue and rolled them glitter. easy!

Hope you enjoyed this little Easter post, let me know if you're do anything on this Easter Sunday!
Happy Weekend!
11 comments on "Decorating Easter Eggs"
  1. love the glittering design!! x

    jess x |

  2. Your photography is literally goals, do you have an Instagram account I would love to follow it! These looks amazing to make.

    1. Thank you so much! @sleepyheaven :)

  3. Love the colors, absolutely adorable, thank you for sharing!!!


    1. Thanks Nora! and you're welcome :)

  4. Why did I not thought of glitter! This tips is awesome, I'm saving this for next year :)


    1. haha, glitter is always a win! thanks Alyssa :)

  5. This is the cutest easter egg ive seen with a touch of style.
    Lovee it!

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